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Practical home gardens are a cornerstone of changing our culture and rebuilding neighborhood community.

Our gardening program, Hawthorne: Landscape Transformation, will be starting a new cycle in August! New content and live videos will drop on an ongoing basis, and we’ll have Zoom workshops on the third Tuesday every month from 7-8:30pm.

Learn to design and grow a home ecosystem to get more food, medicine and peace from your garden. We will use the permaculture framework to cover the most important elements of effective natural gardening while workshopping comprehensive design and plan for your dream garden.

You can see the full syllabus here. Topics covered include:

  • How to apply foundational permaculture principles and concepts
  • Polyculture gardening
  • Aesthetics and making the edible garden beautiful
  • Designing perennial plant communities or “guilds”
  • Perennial vegetables
  • Simple mushroom cultivation
  • No-till gardening
  • Design of outdoor rooms and social spaces
  • Gardening with minimal or no irrigation
  • Growing fertile soil in place
  • Garden path and layout design
  • Creating new garden beds
  • Reducing the need for weeding
  • Garden-based community organizing
  • Basic seasonal foraging and home herbalism

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See the full syllabus.


Common-sense skills in preparedness and resilience should be a basic part of life, and are as timely now as ever.

Join us for the inaugural run of a brand new program, IF: Common Sense Preparedness & Resilience Design, starting in September2022! We’ll take a positive, community- and home-focused approach to practical resilience.

New content and live videos will drop on an ongoing basis, and we’ll have Zoom workshops on the fourth Tuesday every month from 7-8:30pm.

We’ll cover the basic need to have resilient access to food, water, shelter, energy, security, health, education and economic strength from a lens of permaculture design.

You’ll learn about the threat probability matrix, and how we can use the real-world likelihood of different kinds of disruptions to make hedged bets. As Jack Spirko famously says, this is about “helping you live a better life if times get tough, or even if they don’t”. We’ll talk about actions that have limited downsides, and real upsides in every reasonable scenario, whether that is ordinary life or an emergency.

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The goal for this thread is that you would tend to a well stocked personal apothecary, backed by our co-operative apothecary and mutual experiences.

Join us for the next cycle of A Way Home: Timeless Healing in Dark Times, starting in November 2022! This is our core introduction to home herbalism.

New content and live videos will drop on an ongoing basis, and we’ll have Zoom workshops on the first Tuesday of every month from 7-8:30pm.

We’ll be taking a brief look at the medicines innate in the human body, along with a deep dive into 7 powerful plant medicines that are found in abundance here in the ancestral and current homeland of the Coast Salish peoples. We’ll look at dozens of practical uses for these plants, informed by traditional healing and by modern science.

From this understanding of the body and our 7 medicine apothecary, we’ll go over some basic ways to support the health of yourself and those around you when experiencing burns and wounds, headaches, muscle and joint aches and pains, respiratory illnesses, sore throats, fevers and flus, skin infections, blood sugar issues, digestive complaints, oral health challenges, women’s health issues, skin problems, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues.

Herbal medicine can be incredibly daunting, but actually it is surprisingly simple to do a lot of profoundly valuable home herbalism. A major focus will be to empower you with strategies and tricks for handling the mundane aspects: harvesting and processing your medicine so you can actually fit this journey into a busy modern life.

But we will also range far and wide to seek healing that reaches deeper than the herbs alone ever could. We’ll even take a frank look at where the heck this “busy modern life” insanity came from, and see if there might just be some cracks in the prison wall.

Also woven through our talk of bruises and fevers, tinctures and teas will be holistic glances at things like anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction. The most challenging darkness comes from inside us… so we’ll go there. We’ll talk about the things we can’t change, the things we can work with, and strategies for you to use your work as a healer as a leverage point to strike out for the light we so desperately need.

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Innate Medicine

There is incredible value in the study of mobility, strength, fasting, breathwork, cold exposure, mindset, meditation, and other such autonomous medicines that require nothing from us but ourselves and our environment.

This is kind of a new program for us - it was a single module in the herbalism program, but there is so much treasure here that it is now going standalone! MOVE: The Medicine Inside is starting as a full thread in January 2023!

New content and live videos will drop on an ongoing basis, and we’ll have Zoom workshops on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-8:30pm.

In this program, we’re going to look at medicines with profound impacts that we don’t ingest or apply - things we can do that shift our health! It turns out that science and tradition tell us that some of the most profound treatments available to us don’t require pills, teas, tinctures, balms or creams.

We’re going to focus the impacts of a few different kinds of innate medicine, and some simple ways to engage with them:

  • Basic breath principles that let us create our own natural breathwork
  • How to safely engage in cold and heat exposure, and why we’d want to
  • Simple techniques for healing our capacity to move freely
  • Fasting to strengthen the immune system, gut health, and mental health
  • How to understand the role of mobility and strength at any stage of life, and how to keep and build them
  • Reclaiming the incredible treasure hidden under the words “placebo effect”, and getting a sense of what it can accomplish and what it can’t
  • How to grow a practice of prayer, meditation, mindset management
  • And many other medicines, ranging from forest bathing to rest

Often, the first place we should look to healing is the simple, fundamental medicines we carry inside us.

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