Budswell season, livestake propagation, hunger gap, fire | SustenanceNW

Here's the timely grab-bag of topics we'll be covering: In the 8 season calendar, we are now in the thick of Budswell! This is a great time for livestaking, which is the simplest and cheapest way to propagate many woody plants, including a lot of important native species, and some exceedingly valuable garden plants like elderberry and currants. - We'll talk about the hunger gap, and how to garden to see us through it. We'll also chat about foods we can forage in the winter, including a discussion of digging roots to force fresh greens indoors. - Given the events unfolding in Texas, and our snowy cold snap here where a number of people lost power... lets talk some about simple steps towards energy resilience. This is a path I haven't gone far on yet, but I feel it pressing.


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