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We will be celebrating the first day of spring by looking ahead at some of the skills and knowledge we need to embrace it! Fermentation - specifically lactofermentation - is a fantastic way to unlock more nutrition and flavor from the produce that will start flowing in abundance from our gardens. It is as simple as salt, water, and a bit of technique. Cultures throughout the world welcome the arrival of spring by making delicious, restorative food from the first wild spring greens. We will be cover some of the most abundant and nutritious spring greens, and talk about tricks for making them tasty. Growing our own plants from seed is a gamechanger for making our gardens sustainable and affordable. Learn about the the simplest plants to grow from seed, and the simplest tricks to have success. We'll also talk a bit about fancier setups that can help us do more - like with heating mats and lighting - but those aren't necessary to have a great garden.


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