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Willow & Cottonwood Medicine

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Willow is one of the best known herbal medicines, famous for containing the constituent that is sold in isolation as Aspirin. But willow has a bounty far richer than just one chemical, and is profoundly effective yet gentle on the body, and has usefulness far broader than Aspirin gives us.

Cottonwood is a close cousin, and has similar medicine, but also a special magic. The resin of cottonwood buds is incredibly aromatic, and is a deeply soothing skin medicine, in addition to a potent antiviral.

We’ll talk about pain, fever, and skin issues, and we’ll share discussion about the complex interwoven ties between mental health and physical pain.

Saturday Replay


0:00 - Breath & Symbolism

10:49 - Grief & Pain

35:36 - 6 Filters for Truth

1:12:03 - Decoctions

1:27:31 - Harvest & Processing

1:44:03 - Infused Oil

1:51:54 - Topical Skin Issues

2:13:56 - Internally-Caused Skin Issues

2:24:37 - Cottonwood Balm

2:34:23 - Headache

2:43:38 - Compresses

2:47:40 - Salicylic Acid

2:53:00 - Fever

3:00:06 - Memory

3:03:24 - Holistic Approaches

3:09:21 - Seriousness vs. Experimentation

3:30:53 - Wrapup

Friday Replay

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