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In this last session of the series, we’re going to look back, and review a lot of the ground we’ve covered… but far more importantly we are also going to look forward. Charles Eisenstein says we can build the better world our hearts know is possible - sounds really good, doesn’t it? Let’s do that.

Why do many hands make light work? How do we get out of the fiendish traps the industrial world catches us in?

There are layers to this question. But we’ll focus mostly on a hardnosed lens - in purely material terms, what can we get out of working with each other? What logistical profits can we realize by teaming up? In economic terms, why do we have such degraded communities, and how do we avoid the pitfalls while building in the ruins?

We’ll be discussing some specific recipes for community that are workable for us - patterns that are timeworn, accessible and practical, and that can boost our quality of life more than they cost us. We will have time designated specifically to making plans. We WILL make our lives together, by hook or by crook.

Wisely investing into these kinds of community may be the very most important thing we can do to truly be finding a way home.

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