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Join us in escaping the crazy world and gathering to practice life-changing skills… so we can grow a world we don’t need to escape from.

You can get some idea of the specifics if you read our story or glance through the summary of our ongoing training programs in gardening, preparedness, herbalism and innate medicine.

All members have access to our monthly Saturday gatherings with a shared meal, medicine and plant gifting and trading, and workshops and work parties. You’ll also have access to our private Facebook group, as well as a library of past classes, and our emerging collaborative nursery and apothecary.

That is a lot of wonderful pieces, but the big picture is more than the sum of the parts.

It is a lot of fun and deeply meaningful to rediscover innately human skills together. There are so many simple things that we are rarely taught, that all of our ancestors understood, and it is a joy to keep company with friends who are on the same adventure of discovery. This stuff matters, and it’s fun!

But in the context of this crazy world, the most important work we are doing is relearning how to live together in mutually-supportive community. How do we organize ourselves so that our lives are better because we are working together? How do we help each other have abundant gardens and full medicine chests, and more energy than we would if we did it alone?

Life works waaay better when we live it together, but we have to do it right or it just winds up more complicated.

We’re learning how to do it right.

Three levels of membership

Before we go further: there are full and partial scholarships available for every level - email if you need one. All are welcome here, and money should not be a barrier to belonging.


Member - $45 per month

Basic membership gives you everything you need to be a full participant in the life of this community, in a way that is highly affordable. And you are making an important contribution to funding the ongoing organization of community events and development of new training materials.

As a Member, you’ll recieve:

  • 100+ hours of recorded classes
  • Access to Community Saturdays, our core gathering, and bring a guest for $25
  • Private live streams and reference materials
  • Participation in mutual-support medicine making and plant sharing events
  • Access to our cooperative apothecary
  • Access to our cooperative nursery
  • Join any and all zoom events
  • Membership in our private Facebook group

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Supporter - $95 per month

In addition to the full participation in our community, with a Supporter membership you’ll get personal phone or zoom consultations and coaching. This is an excellent way to double down on the work you are doing here and chart a stable course to making lasting changes, and you’ll be doing that much more to help with the longterm stability of our community.

As a Supporter, you’ll receive:

  • All of the Member benefits
  • Monthly 30 minute consultation / coaching
  • Personalized help developing goals and tracking progress
  • Progress towards certification in the four threads

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Patron - $165 per month

Patrons receive the highest level of personal coaching and consultations, with twice-monthly private sessions, and a yearly site visit consultation along with report and map development. But in addition to the high-level investment in yourself, and all of the trainings and gatherings and co-operative work we share as a community, your financial support at this level helps make it possible for our community to be very generous with scholarships.

  • All of the Member benefits
  • All of the Supporter benefits
  • Twice-monthly 30 minute consultation / coaching
  • Yearly site consultation with report and map development

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