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Holistic Home in the Forest

August 4, 2022

Welcome to August, and the beginning of the Hawthorne gardening program! See the post below for something of a manifesto to get us started for this month, and the mnemonic outline of what we’ll be covering. We’re going to cover a LOT of ground, but here are just a few key highlights from this month: You’ll workshop a dream list of all the different things you would want in your ideal habitat, and go through a visioning process to discover what is most important to you in the landscape.

Welcome to Hawthorne! Seeing the forest before the trees...

August 3, 2022

You know how the world feels stressful and hostile, like it is a struggle to just show up as a human being? Of course, nobody said the human experience is supposed to be easy, but the setup we’ve got now is caustically anti-human. Why is it like this? This month I’ll be exploring this question… from a very specific angle, and in reverse. In reverse: what should our world look like?

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