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Originally published 2022-08-04

Part of the series Holistic Home in the Forest - Hawthorne

Welcome to August, and the beginning of the Hawthorne gardening program! See the post below for something of a manifesto to get us started for this month, and the mnemonic outline of what we’ll be covering.

We’re going to cover a LOT of ground, but here are just a few key highlights from this month:

  • You’ll workshop a dream list of all the different things you would want in your ideal habitat, and go through a visioning process to discover what is most important to you in the landscape. This process only takes a few minutes, but I’ve seen it change the way people see the world.
  • We’ll cover the easiest, best options for creating new garden spaces.
  • We’ll go through many of the most important patterns that humans use to tend the land throughout time and all over the world - all culminating in the “forest garden” metapattern.
  • We’ll look at the most common reasons that forest gardens fail… and conversely, how to avoid those problems and find success.

I encourage you to take this fresh start as an opportunity to decide how you intend to engage with this program: do you have space and desire right now to do the assignments that will lead to a holistic garden design, and to participate in the zooms, and come out for some of the 4th Saturday gatherings?

Please feel no pressure - one of the things I want to avoid is pointless stress! You are welcome to watch from the sidelines and dip in or out as fits your life.

But if you’re all in for this one, please let me know and I’ll add you to my list to check in with. If you have the means to support me in this work you can do so at https://membership.sustenancenw.com/

If you have any friends who might be interested in joining us, this month would be a fantastic time! Each part of this program can stand alone, but the deepest impact comes from going through it sequentially.

Part of the series Holistic Home in the Forest - Hawthorne

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